Are dark kitchens trending?

Since black, navy blue or gray are excellent backgrounds for other colors, you can achieve striking contrasts, giving you infinite options for those charming decorative pieces. Dark kitchens, also known as ghost kitchens, are exclusive kitchen concepts that process and produce orders for delivery. There are no tables, chairs, servers, hosts or storefront. Food can only be accessed online or through a mobile application and is delivered to the guest's location.

These new concepts are slowly emerging as a way for companies to boost their businesses while minimizing their operational footprint. Since there are no physical stores, dark kitchens can be flexible with their menu offerings. With minimal “baggage”, operators can adapt to consumer tastes as trends unfold. Yes, dark kitchen cabinets are all the rage.

They are a great choice when they adapt to your personality and the aesthetics of your kitchen. However, dark kitchen cabinets are not the most popular design option for kitchen cabinets, if you look at the number of people who install cabinets of other colors in their kitchens. If you want to be “in trend” with your kitchen cabinets, the numbers seem to indicate that you should opt for dark kitchen cabinets (44%). Choose a color and finish of the kitchen cabinets that create a kitchen where you love to be, cook and spend time on a daily basis.

Here, a large kitchen island is shrouded in black paint, but the overall look of the open-style kitchen is still spacious and bright. The dark kitchen trend doesn't have to equate to a dirty kitchen where you can't see what you're cooking.

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