What are 3 things a chef needs?

It is said that having a well-functioning knife is a friend of the chef, especially in the kitchen. The next basic element that every home should have is a wooden board. It's time to take stock of what's in your kitchen. If you're still using a second-hand cutting board and those cheap knives you found for sale at Bed Bath %26 Beyond when you graduated from college, you need an upgrade.

We spoke with two professional chefs from the Culinary Institute of America Culinary Arts, associate professor Lance Nitahara, and Sabrina Sexton, the former principal culinary instructor of the Culinary Education Institute, about their kitchen essentials. While experienced chefs master the art of sharpening the whetstone, Sexton says that a Chantry knife sharpener, one of those gadgets where you place on the countertop and slide the knife, is easier for beginners and does their job. While glass or stone cutting boards can be nice, Sexton says wood or plastic are your best bet. “That will wear out the knives, so I wouldn't recommend chopping heavy objects on glass or stone,” he says.

Grooves can cause bacteria to build up, so according to Sexton, you should replace the cutting board every two years. Heat resistant is the key when looking for a quality spatula. Access more than 30 brands, premium videos, exclusive content, events, maps and much more. The mandolin is a tool that has been used in all the professional kitchens in which I have worked.

You still can't replace the ability to make precision cuts with a knife, but when speed is needed, the mandolin can be an important addition to your toolbox. In a professional kitchen, you'll most likely find a French mandolin; it's a stainless steel device that sits on the countertop and can cost up to three hundred or four hundred dollars. You usually have a couple of knife options and can cut vegetables as thin as paper. You can also cut julienned vegetables and, just by turning the mechanism, cut French fries.

For the home cook, there are cheaper plastic varieties. They usually have different blade options as well. If you like fish, you definitely need this next tool. The fish spatula resembles a car grill and tapers from the edge to the base.

It is a thin and flexible stainless steel spatula with a slight curve at the end and is perfect for carefully tucking it under a fish fillet while it is fried in a pan, so as not to damage the fish. This lightweight tool is versatile and can be used for many foods when turning on a pan. I use mine to flip everything from eggs to fish to chicken to meat. I still remember my excitement at the beginning of my career, when I bought my first one.

Escoffier remains open for enrollment %26 student support. View information on the COVID-19 %26 CARES Act. It is true that there are all kinds of specialized knives. But if you only choose one, turn it into a versatile chef's knife.

With a 6- to 10-inch blade, this knife is small enough to handle easily, but large enough to cut hard vegetables and cuts of meat. Whether you're cutting onions, carrots and celery to make a miepoix or cutting the fat off a chicken breast, a high-quality chef's knife will help you quickly complete kitchen tasks while keeping you safe at the same time. Stainless steel, ceramic and diamond-sharpened steel rods will do the trick, so it's simply a matter of the material you prefer. However, it is recommended that you choose a rod that is at least 12 inches long to have a larger surface area over which to realign the knife blade.

All great chefs know the importance of a clean and organized workstation. And one of the best tools for keeping a station tidy is a table scraper. When you combine oil and vinegar to make an emulsion or add air to the eggs for a fluffy tortilla, a wire whisk can make your job easier. While a hand mixer or stand mixer can do the same job, these tools are often overkill for quick and simple tasks.

All great bakers are familiar with the precise measurement provided by a kitchen scale, but this tool can also be useful when cooking. With all the sizes and shapes of spatulas available, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. If you are going to choose only one, let it be the fish spatula. Experienced chefs can determine if a chicken breast is perfectly cooked solely based on its appearance, but many cooks find it useful to rely on a meat thermometer.

This simple device could make the difference between serving a case of food poisoning and a perfectly cooked cut of meat. Also, you don't run the risk of drying out the meat if you leave it in the oven for too long. When you want to imitate the use of your hands, but don't want to burn your fingers with hot oil or a scorching pan, grab a pair of tweezers. Look for a pair of steel and opt for silicone-coated tips if you want to protect your non-stick pans.

They are one of the most popular kitchen items for beginning and professional chefs due to their versatility. . .

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