What are kitchen skills called?

The culinary arts are the culinary arts of preparing, cooking and presenting food, usually in the form of meals. Take stock Taking the time to prepare your own broths or broths gives you maximum control over the amount of sodium and fat included in your meals. It's also ideal for customizing spices and herbs for certain dishes (does anyone want nice pork broth for ramen?). Mixing elegant cocktails Many of us are guilty of continuing to drink like college students long after we become alumni.

Get a basic repertoire of classic mixed drinks to begin your adventure into the world of stunning cocktails. The FDA has an excellent website that highlights the practices you should know to keep your kitchen and the foods that come out of it safe. A commercial kitchen is a fast-paced place, so if you're not careful enough, you could easily hurt yourself. Last but not least, take care of yourself when you're rushed by the busy kitchen environment.

However, when you work in a professional kitchen, eggs can be one of those intimidating little things that can go very wrong if you don't know the different techniques behind the not-so-similar methods of cooking an egg. You should be well aware of the safety measures taken when it comes to meat, poultry or fish in a professional kitchen. From gripping the knife well to cutting precisely, a variety of techniques are used when handling a knife in a professional kitchen. With the amount of food prepared in a commercial kitchen, each and every ingredient must be handled carefully before using them for cooking.

Before you know it, you'll prepare meals like a pro, and most importantly, you'll feel comfortable and safe in your kitchen. To cook at home or in a professional setting as a budding chef, you need to have some basic cooking skills in your arsenal. Not only is it crunchier than if it were cooked in a pan on the stove, but it also prevents splashes of grease.

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