What are the duties and responsibilities of a kitchen staff?

Responsibilities of kitchen staff Cleaning and disinfecting dishes, kitchen utensils and utensils, cleaning and disinfecting food preparation workstations, assisting in the food preparation process by cutting, chopping, slicing and washing vegetables, meats and other ingredients, complies with all health and food safety requirements. Make sure all ingredients are fresh. A cook plans, prepares and cooks food to ensure the highest quality service and experience for customers. They help keep the kitchen organized and running efficiently.

They ensure proper food handling, sanitation and monitoring of food storage procedures. In contrast, candidate B recently graduated, but specialized in signature cuisine and worked in award-winning kitchens. Some examples of kitchen staff tasks include taking orders, preparing ingredients, disposing of expired items, keeping kitchen areas clean and disinfected, placing food on plates, maintaining kitchen equipment, and adjusting the heat levels of ovens and cooking stoves. However, whatever the size of the kitchen, the individual tasks involved in the production of the meals are consistent, as are the duties and responsibilities of the kitchen staff.

Larger kitchens usually designate a first cook or head chef for that function, and the first cooks usually supervise the kitchen in the absence of the subchef. The French chef Georges-Auguste Escoffier described the kitchen brigade system in the 19th century and it is still used today. However, use a functional resume if you've just graduated or are an apprentice with a lot of technical training but little practical experience in the kitchen. At the top is the chef, who determines the menu, prices, general direction and approach to the kitchen and staff.

In many establishments, the pastry chef runs a semi-autonomous kitchen in collaboration with the executive chef. A cook is a restaurant employee who is responsible for preparing food and menu items in accordance with company rules and guidelines. The subchef ensures that the cooks prepare the food according to the instructions and is responsible for the daily operation of the kitchen. If the chef is the owner of several restaurants, each restaurant will normally have its own chef who will manage the kitchen under the direction of the executive chef.

Chefs with less experience start helping out at high-volume kitchen stations or working independently at a less demanding, lower-volume station. In modern restaurant kitchens, the roles of individual chefs are not as clearly defined and, except in large hotels or institutions, there are not so many single-purpose jobs. Kitchen staff perform a wide range of tasks in a fast-moving kitchen; they are utility people and often assist kitchen managers, managers and waiters in various aspects of preparing and delivering meals. They are usually given the opportunity to learn all the positions in the kitchen, starting with prep work and then moving on to the line.

In a large restaurant, a variety of trainees and assistants can complete the standard kitchen staff.

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